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Participatory and storytelling performance
3 hours (session 1) and 40 minutes (session 2) performance
Mustikarasa cookbook published in 1967, a short story written by the artist based on her memory of a short story in Bobo children magazine in the 1990s titled "Gulai yang Tidak Dijual" (“The Unsold Gulai”), and Dancow vanilla powder milk
Undisclosed Territory Performance #11
Studio Plesungan, Solo

The book belongs to the artist's late grandmother, a dedicated cook and caterer.


Photos and video by Studio Plesungan Team

Video editing: Hafiz Maha

Chloe Ho, a participant of Gulai performance in November 2018, cooked Gulai Pagar Puri according to the artist's handwritten recipe card a month after the performance. Gulai Pagar Puri is a traditional Medanese (North Sumatera) gulai and one of 47 gulai recipes among 1600 other Indonesian traditional recipes in Mustikarasa cookbook. This dish is cooked in Melbourne, Australia, the city she currently resides.


Photos by Chloe Ho

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