Artist Statement

Art has the ability to repair the social bond between humans.  Ratu Saraswati focuses on revisiting the interpersonal values of art. The meaningful encounters developed from the individual, collaborative, and participatory performance are what are most valuable in her practice. She uses the artistic endeavors that she believes are expansive for human empathy to create a sincere common ground within the realm of the psyche. Her works are the result of her continuous reflections upon her mental health condition. Throughout the years, it has shaped her interpretations of both her personal experiences and collective narratives, sharing what often remains taboo amid today’s increasing intolerance. Within the journey, she has discovered that the profound relationships built through art making are leading her to a deeper truth of how we may own our wellness and the principal of artistry is to become the medium of that process.

Saraswati’s performances are originating from the idea of the human nature of aggression and reparation. In her practice, she attempts to find a balance by actively sensing and anticipating in the frame of performativity.  In the process, she investigates how to collectively find a resolution to heal the psychological wound through inclusivity.