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Riso print of neighbour's iris

Printed in yellow, purple, black, and yellow inks

Artist's pencil handwritten of selected lyric of a Betawi folksong, Surilang

Printed by Pieter Verweij, printmaster

The book "Route of Flowers"

Printed in yellow, fluro pink, aqua, and black

Printed by PrintRoom, Rotterdam


"Parable of the Unstolen Figs" and "Parable of the Freedom of Figs"


Self potrait with a fig

Photo with a fig gifted after attending funeral prayer in a mosque in Amsterdam Oost

Photo ID taken at a photo box in Rotterdam Centraal train station

Group exhibition: there, there

Greylight Projects, Heerlen, Limburg

Curated by Roy Voragen

Curatorial essay

Photo credits:

Greylight Projects


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