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A rising flower makes a garden


During her residency in Framer Framed Werkplaats Molenwijk, in Fall 2022, Saras developed collections of photographs of flowers in the Molenwijk neighbourhood and was captivated by one rose. Learning from the residents in the area through conversations and activities, she formed proverbs and parable stories based on the experiences, interactions, and history in the neighbourhood.

The project begins with the question of scarcity and abundance, to understand what it means in the context of being civic in the city, to care yet also be critical in bonds with respect to one another.

Click the links below to see each webpage:

Storysharing: Ceramah

Installation and Photography Series

Immersing in the Garden

Connecting and Observing

The Garden as Material, Map, Metaphor, State of Mind

Essay by Megan Hoetger

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